Fizex Incorporated


I didn’t quite know what to expect upon being called up to the 45th floor. I had never been summoned anywhere above 39, which was perfectly reasonable. Those who went up to the executive levels went there for one of two reasons: either the executives wanted to promote them to bigger and better things, or they had fouled up so badly that thte executives had to get involved. Either way, people who went there were usually never seen again.

After giving my farewells to my coworkers, I boarded the elevator and headed upward. with a gentle chime, the door slid open and I found myself in a green marble lobby with black checkered floors. just ahead was the executive secretary, a friendly smile planted permanently on her face in such a way that I immediately assumed it was the result of cosmetic surgery. “Card please.”

I handed over my ID and she scanned it and read out the result aloud. “Mr. Emeril Carter. You are expected.” The door to the left opened. 

I gripped my suitcase and tentatively walked into the conference room. A place was set out at one end of the long wooden table just for me. At the other side sat three people, in impeccable suits, waiting patiently. They had the same unfaltering smiles as the secretary outside, and their demeanor remained even as the door closed behind me.

“Mr. Carter,” One of them said as I took a seat. “You have been rather active lately. We have seen your sales figures rise to notable levels.” The other two nodded.

I gave a polite but surely nervous-looking smile in return. “Thank you, I really app–“

“We have made some advances in researching your techniques. The way you choose your clients is particularly…interesting.”

I froze. They knew. They had to know. I had been so careful in hiding it though, it seemed impossible.

“If I read this correctly,” the executive continued, “You have been initiating contracts with low-technology colonies, who then inexplicably suffer catastrophic power failures due to radiation bursts. You then return to the colonies and sell them new contracts for shielded devices. And the radiation bursts stop.” He chuckled. “If I didn’t know better, I’d suggest that maybe you might be causing those radiation bursts just to rip off those colonists of their hard-earned wealth so you can line your own pockets like the scoundrel you are.”

I didn’t move. I didn’t dare. How could they have known about this? I had buried manifests and payments in piles of paperwork. But here it was…I had been caught. Next came my termination–and afterwards, my funeral. That is, if the company allowed my family that privilege.

Then, the executive closed the folder in front of him and rose to shake my hand. “Please allow me to show you to your new office on the 43rd floor, Mr. Carter.”


Power People

There is no room for the well-being of humanity in the fast-moving world of The Span. You’re either a mover and a shaker, or you follow someone who is. This is the way that Fizex Incorporated operates its business model.

Fizex Incorporated is the energy warehouse of The Span. Providing energy through batteries, reactors, generators, and other devices, they control the market of power. Few colonies can exist without Fizex’s hand being a part of it, and despite their exploitative tactics, they are seen as a very necessary evil.

Corporate Leadership

The headquarters of Fizex is on the Linus colony, the closest colony to the blazing star in the center of the Span. With massive solar-powered generators, the colony is able to harness the energy of the sun and power limitless devices that are distributed to colonies everywhere. The guild is led by President Ramses Fizex, Jr.

Main Factions

The Board of Directors serves as the inner council of the guild, with each of the seven Executive Vice Presidents maintaining a faction that serves the corporate goals of the company. Among these are:

fizlogoName: Research and Development
Leader: Tamara Lindley, Executive Vice President

To study and build on information is one thing, but for Fizex corporate espionage is a far more economical task. This group is known for acquiring (legally and illegally) information that they can adapt and use to expand on their technologies.

Name: Customer Service
Leader: Lena Redding, Executive Vice President

Sometimes, people dislike Fizex’s tactics. As such, the Customer Service team has to employ good communicative techniques to abate their concerns. These techniques sometimes involve brass knuckles, dark alleys, arson, and kidnapping.

Name: Sales
Leader: Elmer Booth, Executive Vice President

Here is where the money is made. Batteries don’t sell themselves, and so it is up to this faction to supply the demand for energy. Structured like a pyramid scheme, those who climb this part of the corporate ladder often live a life of some luxury.

Name: Technical Support
Leader: Cay Ibiza, Executive Vice President

Maintenance of batteries is relatively easy, but for the large-scale reactors and generators, someone has to be available to maintain and repair them or risk disaster. This faction deals with the technical side of the Fizex entity.