The Guilds of the Span

There are Seven major guilds of the Span. Each one serves a particular purpose, enabled by the seven councilors of each guild who strenuously support the guild’s needs.


Wyler Hoffein Lao

“The Gold Men”

The masters of economy, trade, investment, and acquisition, the Gold Men lead the wealthy and grandiose lifestyles their wealth entitles them to. They run the economy itself, and all currency in the Span is backed by the Grand Vault. Their leader is the magnificent King Lao.



“The Cappers”

Dealing in secrets and information, the cappers run an underground gossip network and maintain communication across the Span. When your friend, they will help you solve all of your problems. When your enemy, they will destroy you. Their leader is the mysterious Capper General.


The Children of the Azure Soil

“The Blue Hand”

Providing food and agriculture, the Blue Hand shuns the gandiosity of technology, only using what they need to survive. They retain the Ancient Skills–abilities to work the land and use resources to provide for the people of the colonies in which they live. Their distaste for tech, however, leaves them often socially ostracized. They are led by Chief Animus.


Noble Order of Valiance Eternal

“The Knights”

The undisputed warrior class of the Span, the Knights defend the inhabitants of the Span from enemies that seek to dismantle society. Alien threats attend from all sides, and so the Knights, enriched with foresight and powerful strategic calculators, are well-equipped to fend them off. They are led by Cierra Edgemoor, the Knight Captain of the Guard.


Red Shift Transportation Club

Pilots, movers, ship enthusiasts, messengers, and scouts. This guild provides efficient movement, shipping, and transport through the dangerous voids of space.


Fizex Incorporated

The providers of energy, this corporate entity is known to be corrupt and terrifying behind their terrible customer service and pushy salesmen. Their leader, President Rameses Fizex, Jr., seeks to join all of the guilds under the Fizex flag to make one united Span.


The Judex

Gifted with a hive-mind conneced to ancient repositories of knowledge, the Judex are the ultimate arbiters of social function and community. They help people reach their fullest potential and make sure that all serve the Span loyally. Their leader is Grand Judex Samuel.