Sympathy – The Rule and Guide to Society

The society of the span is, at its core, build with the idea of community over self. This idealogy, called¬†Populus Est, is enforced by a powerful mandate called Sympathy. Sympathy, to a citizen of the Span, can be described simply as one’s connection with society. THe more a person devotes themselves to society, the more […]

Judex, The Guild of Law

“Are you sure he will be up here?” Jeremiah asked, his voice weak from the thin air and lack of water. I nodded, my eyes fixed on the top of the incline. The journey up the mountain had been difficult, and strenuous, but not altogether dangerous. It was more of a matter of inconvenience–a deterrent […]

From The Writer: Help me Address Social Issues

I got an email from someone today asking something very important: “Dear Part Time Rogue: How are issues like racism, sexism, or LGBT issues handled [in Cold Start]?” I recognize that as much as I attempt to approach social issues in the context of this game, I might not have the best perspective and might […]