Sympathy – The Rule and Guide to Society

The society of the span is, at its core, build with the idea of community over self. This idealogy, called Populus Est, is enforced by a powerful mandate called Sympathy. Sympathy, to a citizen of the Span, can be described simply as one’s connection with society. THe more a person devotes themselves to society, the more […]

Red Shift Transport Club

“Unidentified craft. Unidentified craft, please respond.” The sound of the dashboard speaker pulled me from my slumber like the most annoying alarm clock ever. Trying to shake the wisps of whatever dream had filled my head only moments prior, I rubbed my eyes and reached in the dark for the switch, finally finding it on the […]

Wards, Wardens, and the World

The structure of communities in The Span is as organized as the guilds. There are countless communities and colonies in the Span, and each of them reports to a single local leader. those local leaders in turn report to higher leaders, all the way up to the high council. Local Governments The basic unit of […]

/mod.., The Cappers

I stood in awe as the six or seven dozen screens all started to move with an organized chaos of symbols and graphs. monitoring programs and user interfaces scrolled across the screen; some moved on their own while others were prodded along by the touch-interaction from J_ason’s fingers, which played across the lit glass like […]

Sneak Peek: The Beginning of the End

By autumn of that year the computer, dubbed The Atlantis Initiative, had become a reality. The singularity of artificial intelligence was finally achieved and the first massive, self-aware supercomputer was finally completed. All of the tests were run successfully, and all that was left was to enter the first instruction. The Sierra Convention debated well […]