Red Shift Transport Club

“Unidentified craft. Unidentified craft, please respond.” The sound of the dashboard speaker pulled me from my slumber like the most annoying alarm clock ever. Trying to shake the wisps of whatever dream had filled my head only moments prior, I rubbed my eyes and reached in the dark for the switch, finally finding it on the […]

Judex, The Guild of Law

“Are you sure he will be up here?” Jeremiah asked, his voice weak from the thin air and lack of water. I nodded, my eyes fixed on the top of the incline. The journey up the mountain had been difficult, and strenuous, but not altogether dangerous. It was more of a matter of inconvenience–a deterrent […]

Wards, Wardens, and the World

The structure of communities in The Span is as organized as the guilds. There are countless communities and colonies in the Span, and each of them reports to a single local leader. those local leaders in turn report to higher leaders, all the way up to the high council. Local Governments The basic unit of […]

Children of the Azure Soil, “The Blue Hand”

  “Listen here, lady,” he sneered, slamming the file folder hard against the cheap plywood table, “I’m not playing games with you today. You know something. Spill it and this can be much easier.” I didn’t flinch. I didn’t look at him, either; my eyes were fixed intently on the wall. Scoffing, he opened the […]

The Span

“Things are the way they are.” The Secret History In the 22nd century, artificial intelligence finally came to fruition. Mankind had ravaged the surface of the earth for resources, and so the people who oversaw the project gave it an instruction to provide mankind a solution to remain sustainable as long as possible. The computer […]