The Library At Grogue

Floating near the middle of the Span there is a small white space station. It is easily missed and is usually only found by specific maps, but it is open to any citizen of high sympathy who seeks it out. The knowledge within is frightening to behold.


The Library at Grogue is universally accepted as the oldest station in the Span. It is said that the elders compiled their knowledge there long ago, when the Guilds were first formed.

The station is, indeed, a repository of knowledge, though not all of it is accessible. The Judex, in their role as historians and archivists, send all of their research here and catalogue it. They cross-reference with the archives of old in the hopes of generating new discoveries.

The Historians also manage the knowledge of the Guilds who have disbanded or fallen over time–their prized archive being a fragment of the core computer of the Architects of the Stars, which remains encrypted and under tight security.

Those who visit come to gain knowledge about lost subjects–anything from fishing knots to astrophysics is kept here in tightly-managed instructional manuals available for research. This research can be studied and copied but the originals not checked out, for fear it may be lost.

The Frozen Systems

One section of the beautiful, expansive library is a restricted area called the Frozen Systems. These systems are filled with heretical and unsympathetic information. Only Judex are allowed to view these archives, and only then if it is truly necessary to identify an Artifact and be sure it must be sent into the waste.

The Frozen System contains all of the information of the World Before. It is perhaps the Overseer’s greatest threat to discovery–because this archive is the only window into the world before. Its existence is entirely necessary, for the proper identification of Artifacts to mark them for disposal. The Frozen Systems are guarded by elite Judex called The White Guard, whose sole purpose is to hunt down people to pry a little too closely into the archive’s contents.

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