Sympathy – The Rule and Guide to Society


The society of the span is, at its core, build with the idea of community over self. This idealogy, called Populus Est, is enforced by a powerful mandate called Sympathy.

Sympathy, to a citizen of the Span, can be described simply as one’s connection with society. THe more a person devotes themselves to society, the more society rewards them with recognition, rights, privileges, and trust. In its simplest terms, sympathy is a ranking of people from the best to the worst.

Sympathy 7 – Exemplar

Exemplars are the pinnacle of society. Becoming one takes dedication and often, sacrifice of self in service to others. All Judex are Exemplars. An examplar is nothing short of one in whose fidelity one can always place their trust.

Sympathy 6 – Paragon

flames-897428_1920A paragon of society is trustworthy and a shining example of one who serves his guild and his fellow people with fervency and zeal. This is often the highest level of sympathy one attains in their life, and often only for a short time. maintaining this standing can prove to be difficult.

Sympathy 5 – Dignitary

Those who serve well are rewarded. Among the majority of society, being a dignitary puts one a step above the masses; it is a reward for a job well done. This is the highest honor a member of the Blue Hand can hope to achieve.

Sympathy 4 – Companion

Many in society rests safely around this level of Sympathy, balancing the needs of society and their own self-interest. They can sometimes be looked down upon by those who have achieved loftier goals, but there is rarely any shame in being a companion of society.

Sympathy 3 – Libertine

Those who put their own interests first are marked with the ire of those around them. This shows an incompetence or selfishness that is noticeable, and one risks devolving further without atonement. Libertines may find their resources strangled and opportunities shuttered.

Sympathy 2 – Malefactor

Such a person is untrustworthy, certainly, and may be refused at many, more civilized, places. Eyes watch them wherever they go, observing them for violations of the Laws of Order. Some higher-class colonies may bar Malefactors entirely.

Sympathy 1 – Wretch

A wretch is a danger to those around them, and it is agreed among most that society as a whole benefits from a Wretch’s death. Few colonies will condemn the disposal of a Wretch within their midst. It is rare, but not impossible, to return from this state. Doing so requires significant atonement and dedication to rehabilitation.

Sympathy 0 – Outcast

Once a person has shunned their sympathy, there is no going back. only a Judex can declare someone outcast, but doing so causes sympathy and the Span itself to reject the creature that becomes such a degenerate. The Outcast can find no refuge among the Guilds, can learn no more Abilities, and will often disappear into the black of space to die alone. It is said, however, that the Nihilistium snaps them up and recruits them into its ranks.