/mod.., The Cappers


I stood in awe as the six or seven dozen screens all started to move with an organized chaos of symbols and graphs. monitoring programs and user interfaces scrolled across the screen; some moved on their own while others were prodded along by the touch-interaction from J_ason’s fingers, which played across the lit glass like a musical instrument. But more than that–with the chorus of data so aligned it was as if J_ason was the maestro, conducting an orchestra of personal and illegal information. It was beautiful.

J_ason looked over at me. “Close your mouth,” he said smugly. “You’re going to droool on the keyboard.”

I adjusted my gold coat and tried to recompose myself. “I’m sorry. I’m just impressed. Never seen a data rat in its natural habitat.” 

“See, you call me names and then expect me to fix all your problems.” He shook his head in mock disgust as the printer spat out a color map of the Lening facility, the reactor core neatly labeled in one of the sub-levels. “If I didn’t like you so much I’d probably kick you out.” He gave me a smile as the monitors’ programs ended their routines and he let go of the controls.

“Thanks,” I said quietly, packing the paper away. “I’ll get out of your hair. Just…stay safe. I don’t like seeing friends get–“

Then, as if on cue, the sound of gunfire blared through the doorway. It was too late–they were already here.

man-1187171_1920Masters of Information

The dealings of the trade are simple to the technopunk community of /mod.., which finds its roots in the online communities and usenet groups of the Ancient Time. Now, they operate the Network, which connects colonies to each other through powerful data transmission consoles called “Caps”. This network is a society unto itself, a nearly lawless place overseen by mysterious and nameless moderators. It is rumored that no data stored anywhere electronically is safe from the Cappers. And so long a someone is able to pay for it, it never will be.

The Structure of the Cappers

Its capital, Resker VII, is a heavily-shielded outpost in the asteroid belt, consisting of a single structure housing the major data centers and libraries of the Guild. Here is also the home of the guild leader, the Capper General, who directs the playful game of information trading with precise, organized chaos.

Main Factions

There are seven main factions of the Cappers, each led by one of the General’s seven lead administrators. Just a few of them include:

Name: Pentesters
Leader: Big Guy

The Pentesters pride themselves on beating security. Whether a locked safe, a guarded building, or a shielded computer system, electronic networks are the lock and they are the key.

Name: Eavesdroppers
Leader: b00t

In the world of espionage, the person who knows who is who has the upper hand. Such is the engagement of an Eavesdropper, who pride work-933061_1920themselves on knowing everyone in the Span and what they have to offer society. People will pay top dollar to find a person they’re looking for. More terrifyingly, however, is how much others will pay to never be found.

Black Badge
Leader: Col. Scruffness the Pure

The strong arm of the Cappers, this faction focuses on the brute force approach to information gathering. Physical reconnaissance, infiltration, and social engineering are the means to an end for the Black Badge regiment. Not all electronic devices are visible to the network, and sometimes it takes a physical force to retrieve and acquire.

Name: Specters
Leader: Le

Infiltration and disguise are the motivation behind this faction, who sit as the moles on the inside. Arming themselves with inside information they can easily pass off as practically anyone they choose.

Name: Ministry of Information
Leader: Joanna Riley Murphy

The face of the guild is the exceptionally charismatic Joanna Riley Murphy, a terrifyingly well-informed woman who sees to the politics of the guild and connects potential guild clients with services. Calling the ministry is a lighthearted, professional affair. Receiving a call from them…that’s a different story.