Sneak Peek: The Beginning of the End

By autumn of that year the computer, dubbed The Atlantis Initiative, had become a reality. The singularity of artificial intelligence was finally achieved and the first massive, self-aware supercomputer was finally completed. All of the tests were run successfully, and all that was left was to enter the first instruction.

The Sierra Convention debated well into late October as to the wording of that first instruction. There was no way to be certain of how the massive mind of Atlantis would interpret that which was given, and the sheer energy required for it to launch was ungodly—Seven massive nuclear generators were ready to power the main processor of the computer, but it might not be enough should the computer’s processing power critically act. It was assumed that the Convention would have only one chance to submit an instruction, and that however the computer enacted that instruction would be in the hands of God alone. Their instruction might end the world should the computer misinterpret it even slightly.

The first week of November the final wording of the instruction was agreed upon. Resigned in the task they had taken upon themselves, the Convention met for the last time on November 10, 2131. Dr. Grey approached the main console and entered the instruction that might destroy or save humanity.


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